Sales Info & Policies

Goat Registration: Our entire herd is registered with the Myotonic Goat Registry. All goat kids being sold for breeding or showing will be registered with MGR in the name of Fieldcrest Farms. We like to get the best pictures possible for registration which sometimes doesn't happen until the kid is older and ready to leave with the buyer. Because of this, if we have not received the MGR registration certificate before the goat leaves our farm, we will send the certificate to you as soon as we receive it back. If for some reason there is a delay, you will be kept updated on the registration progress. You will also receive a Transfer Application to transfer ownership into your name. If an adult goat is purchased from us, all registration certificates and transfer applications will be provided, following the guidelines mentioned above.

Sale Terms & Conditions: Deposits are accepted to reserve goats for purchasing. All deposits received will be placed towards the full purchase price. Payment methods accepted for deposits include cash, personal check, cashiers check, or post office money order. You will receive a receipt of deposit by mail or electronically once the deposit has been received. The remaining balance must be paid in cash, which will be due at time of pickup or delivery (if we deliver). If a deposit is received to reserve/hold until the goat is ready to leave Fieldcrest Farms, pick-up, delivery or transport must be scheduled within 2 weeks after the goat is ready to leave our farm. If a scheduled time is set for pick-up, delivery or transport, and that time comes and the buyer or transporter did not show or contact us to reschedule, we will make every attempt possible to contact the buyer. If after 2 weeks have passed and we have not heard from the buyer and we have made every attempt possible to contact them with no success, the goat will be re-offered for sale to any other interested party. All deposits or payments previously made will be forfeited. All goats will have permanent ID of a microchip, tattoo or both. All goats leaving the State of Illinois will be accompanied with a Health Certificate completed by our veterinarian.

Herd Health & Management: Our herd is vaccinated yearly for CD/T. All kids are given BoSe and Vit ADE at birth, and are also vaccinated for CD/T and dewormed. Our adult goats are dewormed on an as needed basis. We also maintain a very thorough hoof trimming schedule. In 2013 we established a disease testing program for anyone a year of age or older. We test yearly for Johnes, CAE, and CL, with negative results. We decided to establish this program to determine the health status of our herd, to protect and preserve the myotonic breed, our herd as well as our buyers' herd. The 3 diseases we test for are serious and can be devastating, therefore we believe it is important to test on a yearly basis and learn all you can about the diseases. If a buyer requests testing above and beyond what we do on a yearly basis, all costs incurred for this additional testing will be at the buyers expense. All goats purchased from us are guaranteed to be in good health at the time of sale. If any goat develops health issues and a refund is requested, a health inspection by our veterinarian is required, with the cost of this incurred by the party requesting the refund. A refund will only be given if our veterinarian determines the health issues were genetic or contracted while the goat was on our farm. Health issues determined to be related to improper care, contracted by other animals after leaving Fieldcrest Farms, will not deem a refund.

Transportation/Shipping: We prefer that all goats purchased from us are picked-up at our farm by the buyer. This gives us a chance to meet and get to know you in person, if we haven't met before. It also gives you a chance to see where the goat you are buying was raised. We realize distance can be a deterrent when deciding to purchase or not. We love to travel and have logged many miles bringing new goats home to our herd! We are willing to meet you part way or deliver the full distance if our schedule allows. The rate we would charge depends on the distance and time needed to make the trip and will be different in every instance. If we agree to meet or deliver the entire distance, we require payment in cash only. This payment may be requested upfront before delivery is made or will be due before we unload at the destination. We will setup an agreed upon meeting/delivery time and place and will give you updates on our travel progress. If you are meeting us, we would appreciate the same communication. If we are meeting you and you do not arrive and did not give us any notice you are running behind or are not coming at all, we will attempt to contact you, after waiting 30 minutes past the scheduled time. If we are not successful, we will begin our trip home. If we do not hear from you on our trip home, we will attempt to contact you again when we arrive home. If contact is not made, the policies previously mentioned will apply to the animal being sold to someone else and also to any payment received. The same also applies when delivering directly to your residence, farm, etc.

If you are using a transportation/shipper individual/company, we require payment in full from the buyer (for the purchase price) before the goat will be allowed to leave our farm. All transportation costs will be incurred by the buyer. We strongly encourage researching the individual/company you choose. Talk to others who have used them to get their reviews. It is also encouraged to select someone who has insurance to cover the goat while in transport. After the goat leaves our farm, we assume no responsibility for its care, health and well being while in transport. We can however, refuse the right to allow our goat to leave our farm if we do not feel they will be well cared for during transport. We could make this decision when the transporter arrives to pick up the goat if we do not get a good impression from them or after inspecting the means of how they will be transported. If this should occur, we will not be responsible for paying any transportation costs. If the above applies, we will consider refunding any deposits/payments made to us. We will provide all necessary paperwork, such as health certificates, tests, etc needed for the trip. We will have you and the transporter sign our Sales Info & Policies document prior to the goat leaving our farm. We do ask to be notified if problems arise with the goat during transport and also once the goat has reached its destination.